I`m Eve. I`m twisted, I’m smart, I’m new and bad, and curious, and.. maybe bisexual? I have no idea. Maybe I should be a poet, maybe I should take photos, maybe I should work with ill people. Or maybe I should be a pornstar. I don’t know and the not knowing it’s the best part.

I wish to welcome you on my blog. I hope you’ll be enjoying goth girls, goth sex, goth porn, goth chicks, goth nudes, goth sluts, goth babes, goth teens, goth fucks, goth pussy, naked goths, goth wallpapers,  free goth porn, goth personals, goth hardcore… As you can see, everything is about goth :). Of course, there will be latex, bdsm, vampires, dark thoughts, mistery, rock, rubber, hills

If you see something in particular, just let me know.
Black kisses,

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