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Nude Halloween free greeting cards

Hi guys,

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A fine booty from a wet goth chick

Hello guys,

glad to see you here back again :). I was wondering what to post today, so I start searching my full – 200 gb – hard drive with goth chicks :). It’s strange (I guess) for a girl to have so much porn, I think that if my friends would saw that, they would all go “woow, Eve!”. Of course, some of them know I work with porn stuff.. but others have no idea.

Oh, well, I coudn’t care less. I’m a goth chick with a lil’bit’ of a passion for goth porn. Problems? :) I didn’t thought so ;)

Goth assSo, back to the post.
Here’s a chick that has a so-so face, but.. an awesome round ass. I’ve saw this goth chick before, but I don’t think I’ve saw a better photo of her fine booty. Admire it! Click if for a better size if you’d like.. but dare to say that’s not a fine pice of an ass :).

 If you want to see her entire serie of pics, CLICK HERE. The babe is taking a bath and looks pretty exotic with all those drops of water on her smooth skin… (yummy).

Ok, see you again tommorrow. I’m going to eat one more grape and then go to sleep.. I’m such a good girl :p.

Take care, kisses,

The Rules of BDSM

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In the Lifestyle of BDSM, there is one thing that remains consistant: The Rule of Three (Safe, Sane, and Consensual). It is the guideline by which all things are done, from meeting, to negotiation, to play and quite often to a relationship itself. When things are Safe, Sane, and Consensual, the margin for error is drastically reduced, and all participants feel more at ease.

As an example, I use alcohol and drug use to show how this rule can affect us. If a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, (which, incidentally, alcohol IS A DRUG), would you ever consider playing/sceneing with that person? Think about it: Alcohol is a depressant. If a scene got intense and that person under the influence was either unable or unwilling to respond to a need, how safe or sane is that?

Drugs are also a bad idea, for the same reason. If a person were high, stoned or cranked, I know that I sure as hell wouldn’t want to scene with him! That’s downright crazy! Sceneing with a person under the influence is often thought of as a cry for help amongst BDSM-knowledgeable suicide preventions workers!

Slaves and subs, when they scene with a Dom/me, are literally putting their lives in the Dominant’s hands. A trustworthy, caring Dominant can take the slave/sub into the farthest reaches of the galaxy of subspace, and quite often s/he is delighted to do so. A Dom/me that is doped-up or drunk can literally kill or severely injure the playmate. One wrong move during blade-play or bondage scenes, and it’s all over.

On the other side of that equation, a slave/sub must also be clear headed going into things, so that, if necessary, the slave can use a given safeword at any time. Drunk or toked subs/slaves seem to have excessive difficulty with this, and so are more apt to get themselves hurt or killed.

Simply put, if you or your potential partner has indulged in some drinks or a few drugs, (yes, pot counts!), do NOT scene! It’s a deadly combination, something that no one will call Safe, Sane, or Consensual. It’s NOT Safe, it’s NOT Sane, and under the influence, often people tend to forget what happened the night/day before, so even if drunken/stoned consent is given, it’s still NOT Consensual!

Keep this in mind next time you go to play. Make sure alcohol is not an option in your negotiations and play, and please keep it Safe, Sane, and Consensual.

Keep it fun. Keep it REAL.

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BDSM 101

BDSM Latex babeBDSM, in literal terms, is an acronym which usually stands for something along the lines of, “Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism.” I’ve heard a few differences, but this seems to be the most readily accepted. But for the millions of people who love the darker side of life, BDSM is a lifestyle. Just like any other lifestyle, it is a niche where we have found comfort and enjoyment just being ourselves.

Does this mean that we’re all a bunch of perverts? Well yes, it does. But consider this: we’re all perverts, whether or not we’re into BDSM. You’re a pervert, I’m a pervert, we’re all perverts. How can that be? Well, what’s your definition of pervert? It’s probably different from Mine, just as Mine is going to be at least a little bit different than someone else’s. Since no one has the same definition, we’re all perverts. BDSM isn’t just a sexual thing, though many times our sex lives are greatly enhanced by our lifestyle. BDSM, when seen as a lifestyle, isn’t just about bumping uglies. It’s about living the way we want to live, despite the rigors of society’s acceptance or disapproval. It’s about being who we are, just like any other culture or lifestyle. Some people are natural submissives, feeling happy and free when bound by the whim and will of a naturally Dominant person.

That’s their comfort zone; that’s their particular lifestyle. Some of Us are naturally Dominant and enjoy “owning” and training submissives. Still others aren’t really submissive or dominant, but like to play on both sides. And yet others don’t really care one way or another, but have their own delightful fetishes that get their gears turning. It’s all about being what you want to be. It’s turning your fantasy into your reality by giving up the fear of society’s disapproval. It’s about being you, no matter how kinky or freaky you really are inside. Now what’s the difference between a Dominant and a top? They are not mutually exclusive, however they are terms that are seen as describing the same thing, (most often, erroneously). A top hearkens to someone who likes to give pain or pleasure in BDSM scene play.

Most Dominants are indeed tops, however not all tops are Dominants. Confused yet? Try this: a Dominant is Someone who is naturally in control and who enjoys being such. He or She takes control not only of a situation but most often controls a submissive as well. A submissive gets great pleasure from serving and being controlled. He or she may be a bottom, (one who enjoys being topped), which may mean that he or she is a masochist, (one who enjoys receiving pain). (Tala)

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So, What The Heck Is An Emo Hair Style Anyway?

Well Emo is actually short for “Emotional” and it is a broad title that seems to cover quite a widely varying set of styles of emotionally-charged punk rock. As with all musical genres, it has its own style and dress code, but – in keeping with the spirit of punk – there is very little consistency involved in any of these.

Despite the anarchic spirit of Emo, the Internet is choc full of forums and discussion groups, full of young kids asking about the best ways to create an Emo “look” – everything from what clothes to wear, to the best hairstyle.

Oh yes – the Emo hairstyle. Probably nothing characterises the Emo look more than the Emo hairsyle. The so called Emo haircuts are pretty popular in the USA, creating fans and haters of the emo style. Some believe Emo hair styles are the next mullet – popular hairstyles that will be the source of much embarrassment in future years!

But what exactly is an Emo hairstyle? Hmmm – its difficult to say really. The hairstyle, like the movement itself, seems to borrow from the punk hair style and gothic hair style. One website describes the Emo Romulan look – short, thick, greasy, dyed-black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, and cut high over the ears. Another suggests that a proper Emo style should be black with a fringe covering half the face.

Some suggest Emo hair should be very jagged and sleek looking, others say it should be spiked and messy. “Emo style” has also been described as a buzz haircut. Confused? You will be!

It all goes to prove that in reality, there isn’t one specific Emo hairstyle. It’s the new-age mullet, cut in lots of chunks, it can be any length (although short is definitely the most popular), its shaggy with side bangs and spikes are very important, although if its slicked down this is just as good! However, there are two things that seem to be essential for an Emo hairstyle;

1. Grease – great for creating either the spikes or that slicked-down look.

2. Color – like the Model T Ford, it can be any color as long as its black! Preferably it should be dyed black. For variety and uniqueness, this can then be highlighted with any other color – the more out there the better.

So that’s a quick guide to the Emo hair style. If you are the parent of an “Emo-teen“, it probably won’t help you to handle this phenomenon any better. But if you are an Emo-teen, hopefully it should help you realise that, to be true to the spirit of Emo, you don’t have to stress about how your hair should look. Just wear it any way you want – as long as it’s black!

Emo hairstyle



Give Gifts of Fashion with Belts and Belt Buckles

For anyone who has ever had a person in their life that was hard to shop for, the right fashion accessory could be just the thing you are looking for. The right belt or belt buckle can put just the right touch on any outfit.

Belts and buckles can be great for any gift giving occasion. Whether it is a holiday, birthday, special event, or even a funny gag gift, this could be the right accessory. Many people dislike getting clothes that they werent able to try on. However, all you have to have is a general size for belts. They all fit basically the same from there. However, you do need to know the general size of the person for it to be practical.

When you are giving someone a belt or buckle, you should stop to consider their personality and style of dress. There are styles and sizes to go with every person and their outfits. Whether they dress in a country western, hip hop, trendy, or a style that is all their own, there is something for them. However, if you dont know the person very well, stick with something less extravagant that would look good with anything.

Some specialty shops will help you to personalize your gift if that is your wish. You can get belts with a special and unique design, words, or names on them. Of course, to personalize a belt you should really know what a person is like. If you personalize a belt to your own style, you will likely miss the mark with their sense of fashion. Remember that everyones taste is different and unique. Taylor to them, not to you.

You can also order specialized buckles from many places. These offer a variety of unique options. You can choose different metals to make the buckles from, including silver and gold. You can choose different shapes, styles, sizes, and themes. You can also add jewels to really draw attention.

While the large, sparkling, attention drawing buckles appeal to many people, others are turned off by them. Make sure the person you are shopping for dresses for them if you are going to buy something that draws that much attention.

Leather Belt

Many people dress with the same basic theme from day to day. Some people stick with a country and western style, gothic style, golf style, etc. Whatever the theme, there are belts are belt buckles for every style and every person.


Before you order a belt for someone, make sure that you have their size right. If you guess wrong, you are likely to offend someone. If you guess too low, they may feel fat when they try to put it on. Or they may think that you are trying to give them a hint – even though you arent. And if you guess too big, they may think that you think they are fat. If you dont know the size, dont guess. Stick with the buckle and a gift certificate for them to pick their own belt.