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Lesbian Liz Vicious

Here’s a sexy episode featuring lesbian Liz Vicious :)

We all know she’s not a lesbian, but more curious or bi-sexual, but damn she knows how to get her friend horny! These girls look hot together and I’m eager to see more of this lesbian Liz Vicious stuff… :)






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Liz Vicious shows.. cock! Haha!

I bet you haven’t expected to see this, lol! Not to mention that I’ve already blogged Liz few days ago! But damn, this pic made me laugh so hard I though I just have to share it with you guys :)

So, here’s Liz Vicious showing her no-balls-huge-clitoris cock

Liz Vicious picture with her.. cock

I hope you won’t get too emotional-involved to this strange pic (either way: 1. not to like Liz Vicious anymore – that would be a shame; 2. to want to see her only with this cock or to start searching the net for the “Liz Vicious movie with cock”, ’cause, really, there’s no such thing! :D )

Since I’m heterosexual and a girl, I would say “wow, they just made her even better for me” but I think I’m gonna leave these horny thoughts to myself only!

But, as I’ve already made you hard with Liz, here’s a picture gallery with her.. but don’t be dissapointed! She has just a tight goth pussy! :)

Liz Vicious picture sucking cock

Hot girls smoking ciggaretes

I usually ask myself why the fetish regarding girls smoking ciggaretes is a fetish most goths have. I mean, we don’t smoke more than others (I guess? :) ) , so it’s probably because of the smoke – devil – fire – hell comparation. Who knows? Anyways, I find myself pretty often thinking that a girl smoking a ciggarete is sexy although I don’t smoke and I think it’s a really bad habit for the health :D

Here are some girl smoking pics I found, some are better than others but hopefully everyone will find his/her favorite :)

Blonde smoker whore sucks on a cock and gets fucked really hard Brunette smoker shows off her very tight body for the camera
The first girl here looks a bit like she’s smoking marijuana or something, lol and the second smoking-pic I find it rather funny than hot, but who knows.. for the true smoking fetisisht out there.. it could be the supreme-most-hornier smoking pic ever :) 

Hot ass babe with cigarette dangling from her very sexy mouth Sexy elegant smoker babe gets on all fours and provokes cameraman
These two cigar smoking girls look a bit more sophisticated, with a.. uhm, French look. I especially like the second one, with her eye-browns looking a bit goth 

Sexy whore smokes and spreads her long legs and shows snatch Hot blonde smoker looks very sexy in lingerie and with cigarette
These are some hot girls smoking… Hot! I almost feel my woman-fluids getting my thongs wet :”>

Sexy ass smoking slut poses naked with cigarette for cameraman Very sexy nicotine whore has a nice body and loves to show it
A redhead and a teen girl smoking (or at least she looks pretty teen). Both smoking, of course! Check their photo galleries by clicking on the pics!

Nasty smoker slut gobbles on a big fucking cock and gets fucked Amazing smoker slut shows off her very hot body for the camera
Two beautiful girls smoking.. both looking like actresses from the ’80. At least for me… :) The first girl is so multitasking.. she can suck a cock and also smoke a ciggarete, lol 

She loves to puff a cigarette and strip naked for the cameraman Sexy smoker bitch with very cute short hair shows tits and ass
Two classic-looking ladies surrounded by ciggarete-smoke

Naughty smoker slut shows her very firm tits and nice round ass Two hot smoking whores share a very huge fucking cock and fuck

Once again, if you like a certain babe, you can click on the photo to see the full & free  photo gallery with the girls smoking ciggaretes. If you would like to see even more, keep in mind that this site joining fee is 1 $ (3 days)… Enjoy! ;)

Toxxxy is ready to make goth porn an art

My horoscope for today was so accurate, I called up the newspaper responsible for publishing it and yelled “Are you stalking me? Do you know me and decided to make fun of me? Have you been following me? Bastards.” LOL! Yeah, I know, I probably scared the shit out of those poor guys, but I just felt like having a good laught in the morning. And that was pretty much enough :)

Today I’m gonna post about Toxxxy. It’s been a while since my last post (at least I think so, lol), so I thought I could make it special. And it is. Toxxxy is special all the way.

Ladies and gents, meet Toxxxy:

Toxxxy is ready to make goth porn an art Toxxxy is a fetish babe

Like the title says, Toxxxy is ready to make goth porn an art! She loves to play and to pose, especially in goth postures. In this set of pictures she has a black dress (very goth in my opinion), black gloves.. and pink hair :D.

 Toxxxy is ready to make goth porn an art Toxxxy plays with a knife

Her sexual game is about.. knives. Yeah, I know, it does sound strange, but this is Toxxxy. An incredible sexy goth that’s ready to make goth porn an art.

Toxxxy loves to play Toxxxy has pink nasty hair

On Toxxxy’s site you’ll have the chance to see that our girl has been a good one and updated her site regularely. She shows us FREE PREVIEWS (with 5-6 big-sized photos each), so you’ll better CLICK HERE and take a look.

See you soon,

Fishnet body stocking

This is a true glamour babe. When I see a babe like her, in this gorgeous black fishnet body stockings, I’d love to be blonde (I’m a brunette :D). She looks absolutely stunning with the blonde hair, red full lips and dark make-up around her eyes. She’s a true classy lady! You know, you see sometimes this type of babe at a select party or a TV show and think “OMG, who’s the lucky bastard that’s gonna undress her?” Well, in this case, we are the lucky bastards, lol :D

full body stocking

fishnet body stocking sexy body stocking sheer body stocking

If you want to see the photos with the blonde in the fishnet body stockings just click on the pics. It will lead you to her gallery.

Babe in latex socks tied up and gagged

Babe in latex socks tied up and gaggedlatex babe latex socks tied up and gagged

>> Babe in latex socks tied up and gagged <<

From the few porns that I’ve seen this brunette beauty in, she seems to ooze sexual energy. She’s beautiful, and the way she loves latex and to be tied up is incredible.

Hope you’ll enjoy the tied and gagged babe (I love the mauve color).
As for me, I’m kinda ok.. Not doing very good ’cause I’m getting obbsesed over an earthquake we’re all expecting.. and I fear them a lot. Well, lol, at least you’ll know what happend with me.. if I don’t upadate anymore.

Take good care of you,

Kinky Katinka in various scenes


Hogtied gagged and dildoed
I just loved beeing tied hard. Here you will see med hogtied on the floor, gagged and having a large dildo tied in my pussy. As I am lying there totally helpless on the floor I am forced to cum. Well, I guess it wasn?t that hard to make me cum. The feeling of lying there on the floor unable to do anything and having the dildo in my pussy helped a lot.


Ballet boots and neckcorset
This is the only set on my entire site which is not exclusive. I found it and I really liked it and wanted to share it with you. I just think it was such a beautiful pose.


Watergames in the tub
Kumi and I thought it would be really fun to have some watergames in my bathtub. We dressed up in all latex and started squirting water on each other. Kumi got really excited and tried to hold me under the water. She wanted to make sure I was really soaking wet.

Kumi Monster tied on dirty tires
Kumi is always up for something different. Different suspensions always trick her. Here I decided to tie her to my old winter tires. Kumi got sooo dirty that I had to scrub her back in the shower.

Blonde babe covered in chocolate
I decided to have some fun with some chocolate bodypaint I got as a present. Cathy was to be the victim. I warmed the chocolate and started paining her body with it. After adding the chocolate I had to remove it with my mouth. Pour me? No way – chocolate and a hot girl at the same time. It couldn?t get much better.


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Latex lesbians

These two latex lesbians are Paige and Claire. Sexy Goth girl Paige wears a tight latex outfit and plays with a whip. She teases her pussy with it and eventually inserts the entire stick in Claire’s 100% shaved pussy. One of her slaves is watching and she invites him over to pleasure her with his latex mask on. Welcome to the dark side of sex!


lesbian in latex


latex lesbian lesbian latex bondage latex lesbian fetish

You can find these two latex lesbians here:

latex lesbian sex
or click on the big “latex lesbians” photo to see more pics with Paige and Claire.


A good spanking from sister

True sex story from Taboo Stories  

ass red from spanking



It was all I could do to deny the impulse to remove my laced hands from behind my neck and try to protect my bare behind from the perpetually falling hand of my older sister as she developed a cadence to the systematic punishment. Nancy had me trapped over her bare lap, my torso to her left and stretched along the bed where she sat to administer the spanking. She grasped me with her left arm and pressed down on my spine with her left elbow to prevent escape. My sister Nancy was eighteen and I fifteen and the situation I found myself in had become common over the years. After Dad died two years ago, our mother – an attorney who kept long hours and traveled extensively – was forced to turn over my day-to-day upbringing to my sister. Since Dad’s death, Nancy had ruled with an iron hand. At sixteen, she had become the surrogate mother to her thirteen year-old brother.

She’d been shrewd enough to exact permission from Mom that gave her total authority over me, although I doubt to this day that Mom ever knew or guessed exactly how she planned to do it. Nancy had made it clear to Mom when they’d discussed it the night of Dad’s funeral. I’d been put to bed earlier but had snuck out on the landing to listen in to their conversation. “Mom, I must insist. If I’m to be responsible for Dave’s behavior, then I must have a totally free hand with regard to his discipline. You know full well that Dad was a firm believer in the maxim of ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child’, and raised me with a healthy respect and fear of corporal punishment. “Well, Dad’s not here now. I’m being forced to become an adult with adult responsibilities almost overnight. I loved Dad and I love you and David, but if I’m to have a positive impact upon Dave’s upbringing, I must be allowed to practice the same principles of parenting as my loving and stern father.”

There was a momentary pause and then I heard Mom reply. “I can’t say that I disagree with you at all, Nancy. I presume that you wish to have license to spank Dave and, where appropriate, paddle him too?” “Yes, Mom. For starters. Dad also used the strap on Dave. You know that he chose not to subject me to the strap other than that one time last year. The memory of that event elicited a deep respect for its sting. “So, yes, I want to hand-spank and paddle Dave. But, I also want to use the strap and, if necessary, the cane. I’ve heard that a cane is popular in England for disciplining young boys and I’d imagine that it’s an effective, and memorable way to make a lasting impression upon a naughty boy’s naked bottom.”

As I’d huddled there listening to my future being planned, I dreaded Mom’s response to Nancy’s request. At the same time, though, I felt a stirring in my balls and a hardening in my penis. I’d recently discovered masturbation and found it curious that I was becoming turned on by this talk of my spanking and strapping; paddling and caning. “Nancy, what you ask is only reasonable. I agree with what you say and would like to make sure that Dave’s upbringing will not suffer more than necessary by the loss of your father. I don’t want to have to worry about you and Dave while I’m away on business trips. Therefore, I suggest that you waste no time in establishing your control and authority over David immediately. “He’s at the age when boys start to demand independence, so be as severe as you must be in order to exact proper behavior and obedience. As you know, I’ll be leaving for a business meeting tomorrow and will be gone for at least two weeks. “I hope that this will give you ample time to establish a status quo with Dave. I trust that by the time I return, you will have him dancing to your tune or else I’m grossly overestimating your capabilities and fortitude.” “Thank you for your confidence in me Mom. I’ll not let you down with regard to Dave or anything else. I’m going to miss Dad so very much but life goes on…” I’d crept back into my bedroom with a feeling of apprehension.

Listening to my sister describe how she planned to punish me with hand, paddle, straps, and a cane, no less, had been more than a little disturbing. Vivid images of my body stretched across Nancy’s sexy lap for a hand spanking were swimming through my head. My sister Nancy was a fox. She was always being pursued by boys (and a few of her girlfriends too) and was ever the self-confident, beautiful, pampered little queen. She kept her body in picture-perfect condition by lap swimming in our indoor pool and tanned through daily visits to our pool-side tanning room.

She’d caught me peeking in on her more than once when she was swimming in the nude or undressing for bed and hadn’t threatened to punish me. Although I knew that it was wrong to think about my sister in a sexual way, I couldn’t help it. I enjoyed seeing her nude body and longed to touch it. Only last week she’d called to me as she was readying to enter the tanning room. She’d wanted me to fetch some tanning lotion and when I’d brought it to her, she’d turned her back to me, let her robe fall to the deck, and asked me to apply some of the lotion to her spine and lower back. Wow, what a dream come true for a horny teenage boy!


ass spank   boy ass spanked


I was in heaven as my fingertips came into contact with the silken surface of her skin. I lovingly applied the lotion to both of her shoulders and then moved to the lower regions. As my hands neared her bottom, she’d encouraged me to continue. As I recalled this exciting moment, I could feel myself hardening under the covers. “Go ahead, silly. After all, you’re my brother. Finish my whole back – down to the ankles.” She’d never allowed me to go that far before. She’d always stopped me when I’d gotten to her waist. I felt like a kid with a new toy as I excitedly added more lotion to my palms and set the bottle down on the deck. Kneeling next to her nude body, I marveled at the sight of her glorious, plump buttocks, savoring the anticipation of momentarily making contact with their surface with my now overheated and lotion-slick hands.

Unable to further endure the teasing game that I’d been playing with myself, I’d reached out and begun to spread the lotion over my older sister’s delicious-looking buns. As I worked on her firm body, I could imagine the boys at school, men on the street, even girls, who would envy me my position. Kneeling before the incredibly perfect ass of my sister, Nancy – slicking lotion all over those velvet cheeks. I’d run the edge of one hand between her cheeks, brushing the little finger over her puckered asshole. Afraid, though, that I’d anger her if I lingered too long on her behind, I’d reached for more lotion and continued with my labor of love, massaging the lotion into her firm thighs and calves. Suddenly, Nancy had turned over and directed me to do her front also.

I’d hastened to comply before she change her mind, and withdraw this new and wonderful privilege. I’d squirted more lotion into my palms and began to cover both legs to the hips. Deciding then to avoid her pubic area, I’d begu to spread lotion over her shoulders and then to her full, firm breasts. Her nipples had been as hard as pencil erasures, as my fingers had passed over them and then to her flat belly…and an end to the most welcomed chore of my young life. Finished, I’d leaned back and waited to hear what she would say. With an impish smile on her beautiful face, she’d reached for the bottle of lotion and taken it from my hand. “You missed one spot.” After filling one palm with the lotion, Nancy had handed the bottle back to me and began rubbing the lotion into her pubes. I’d watched, yearning to replace her hand with my own and listened as she continued speaking to me, a smile on her pretty face. “The next time that you do this for me, David, I’ll expect you to be more thorough.”

At this, she’d scampered off to the tanning room. My musings were cut short when I heard my bedroom door open and then close again. I kept my eyes tightly closed and feigned sleep. I could hear rustling from the peignoir that Nancy would be wearing at this hour, and the padding of her bare feet as she crossed the hardwood floor of my bedroom, stopping at the side of my bed. I was certain that it was Nancy when I felt the covers being pulled away from under my chin and down to my knees. Mom wouldn’t be doing that. The cool night air suddenly came into contact with my hard penis as it protruded from the front flap of my pajamas.

I fought to keep my eyes closed as Nancy’s warm, heavenly-soft hand wrapped itself around my engorged penis. I wondered if I was dreaming or if this was really happening. “Were you listening to Mom and me talking, little brother? Did you hear what we said about you tonight? Hmm, I think so, ‘cause your little peter is hard and ready.” Her hand was tenderly and rhythmically stroking me as I listened to her speak, still pretending to be asleep. “I think you heard me tell Mom that I was going to spank your bare bottom and thought how nice it would feel to have this little thing laying on or between my soft thighs while I did it, didn’t you? “If you’re obedient, that is how I’ll reward you. If not, I’ll tie you face-down in this bed and whip you until you’re hoarse from screaming. If you’re very obedient, this is how I plan to tuck you into bed each night.” Nancy hadn’t touched me like this for many years, and even then it was only to bathe me.

This time, though, she wasn’t bathing a little boy. I wasn’t yet an adult, but my penis couldn’t tell the difference between child and adult as it pulsed and throbbed. If Nancy continued the stroking, I knew it would be impossible to control myself much longer. “It’s okay, Dave. I know you’re wide awake. You can let that little thing spurt. I want you to do it for me. Show me what a big man you are and shoot it into my hand.” The continuous stroking, coupled with Nancy’s soft and sexy voice filled with promise of future sexual episodes, combined to bring about my climax. My inexperienced penis began to shoot its contents into the air as little gasps of pleasure escaped from my lips. The next thing I knew, Nancy’s mouth had surrounded the spurting head and she’d begun to lick and suck it as if it were a candy sucker. I’d opened my eyes to confirm this seemingly unbelievable event and found, to my delight, that it wasn’t a dream. It was my sister, doing to me what I’d seen only in x-rated movies at my friend’s house. The moonlight streaming through the bedroom window played on my precious sister’s blonde hair as she pleasured me. I was in love! I’d never dreamed that anything could feel this fantastic.

My limited experience with masturbation had led me to believe that nothing could possibly feel better than the intense pleasure that my own hands could bring to my young body. I was praying that this wasn’t a dream from which I would awaken with only a wet spot to remind me of the details. Mercifully, Nancy removed her sucking mouth from my sensitive penis and moved her head toward my face. She bent down and brought her lips to my own, forcing my mouth open with her insistent tongue. I’d french kissed with a couple of girls at school before, but certainly never with Nancy. As I opened my lips to receive her tongue, I could taste my cum that was still lingering on her lips and within her mouth. It was slightly salty, but not unpleasant.

During all this time, I’d not uttered a word, in a state of semi-shocked fear that if I spoke, Nancy would get angry and leave. “Good boy, David. I plan to give you this same treatment each night. And the same kiss. I’ll teach you that, like most things in life, this treatment will not be free. In payment, you’ll submit and surrender to my will and authority. “In other words, if you obey me you’ll receive the sexual pleasure that any boy in my school would die for. If not, you’ll get punished severely. As long as you remain obedient and submit to the punishment and training as I see fit, you’ll be rewarded. Do you understand what I’m saying to you, Dave? Is it yes or no?” “Yes, I understand”, I’d replied. “Do I have your willing consent, then?” “Yes.” “From now on, David, you will address me as ‘Ma’am’ as in ‘Yes, ma’am.’ Is that clear?” “Yes, ma’am. I understand.” “Very good. Now you must get to sleep. Mom’s leaving early in the morning and I plan to spend the weekend breaking you in to your new routine. So that you’ll be able to savor the anticipation of your coming punishment, know this: “Before the weekend is over, you’ll go over my knee, naked, for a hard hand spanking. You’ll also receive a good sampling of the wooden paddle on your behind. Yes, you will, little brother. And, then, I intend to experiment with the strap. I’m really looking forward to it since I’ve never had the pleasure of being on the giving end of it. “You must have overheard me telling Mom that I was going to use the cane on you, as well. Well, I’d like to stripe your cute little butt with welts this weekend, too. Last, but not least, you probably heard me tell Mom that I’ll be using switches on your bottom and legs. “Little brother, if you obey willingly and accept my total authority, I’ll tuck you into your bed tomorrow night and every night thereafter in the same way that I did tonight. If you obey me, you’ll enjoy the pleasures that most boys your age can only fantasize about. I’ll teach you things that most grown men will never know. “I’ll show you how to pleasure and serve a woman. I’ll grant you the privilege of serving me. But, only if you continue to agree to my stipulations and rules. What do you have to say for yourself, David?”

Framing my statement to conform to the new rules, I spoke for the first time. “Thank you, Nancy, er, ma’am. What you did with your hand and mouth felt so incredibly good. I love you very much and will try hard to obey you. I wish you didn’t have to punish me so much, but if you decide it’s necessary, I’ll try to be brave for you.” Who was I trying to kid, anyway? I would’ve died for Nancy, even if she hadn’t promised me paradise for merely obeying her. “I know you will, Dave. Time to go off to sleep now. It’ll be a long weekend – for both of us. Good night, little brother.” “Goodnight, and thank you again, ma’am.” Nancy pulled the covers up to my chin and leaned forward to give me a final kiss. I longed to throw my arms around her neck and kiss her back but knew that I mustn’t. I peeked through slitted eyes and watched her as she left my bedroom to return to her own room down the hall. It was difficult to fall asleep with the memory of her words and our recent sexual experience so fresh in my mind. I was aware that what she had described would be very painful. But I was also certain that I would be willing to pay any price if her program included more of what I’d experienced for the first time tonight.

red ass spank    ass spank

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